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Admitted to the Bar in 1993, Derek Martin has been defending those charged with criminal and traffic offences for over 20 years. In that time, he has earned a reputation for aggressively defending clients and protecting their rights. Building a solid defense and making sure every detail is considered, Derek Martin is the helping hand you need when charged with an offense.


Working With You, For You

When you have been charged, do not feel like you need to plead guilty. It may seem like an easier thing to do, but when it comes to your life and your criminal record, it is definitely not the easy way out. Derek Martin is there to listen during a free consultation. He will explain your charges, hear your side of the story, and develop a strategic defense that will work in your favour. As a skilled negotiator, with experience at trials and plea bargaining, he can help you have charges dismissed, reduced or dropped.

Criminal Charges and Traffic Offenses

Derek Martin has defended a wide range of cases, including criminal charges, DUIs and traffic offences. He understands the way the law works and has helped many clients reduce or have their charges dropped. Experience on your side will help you build a defense and will help get the best outcome possible.

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So don’t plead guilty! For a free consultation, contact Derek Martin for criminal law representation in Hamilton, Brantford, and Halton.

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Hamilton: 905-523-4174
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